I am in the process of editing!

It is exciting and terrifying and so, so surreal.

I’ve mentioned before that I have thin skin (I’m a big baby) so I most definitely cried once or twice in the process. I have never doubted or been more insecure going through this process. I questioned myself a million times on why I was trying to publish a book that I felt that way about.

I won’t lie when I say having someone else wanting to publish my book is what got me through. It was my validation and lifeline through it. I kept telling myself that someone else believed in me enough to want this in the world so it wasn’t garbage. I think for my first time going through the entire process that’s what I needed.

I learned a lot about writing as well. I reached out to many friends asking them about things I didn’t understand. Know this about me: I am TERRIBLE at English. Awful. I understand a lot more, but holy hell there’s so much I saw corrected and I don’t understand why even at this point. I’m trying to pay attention more than I did in school so I can become better. I’m so thankful for the team I’m a part of that can help carve and craft this book into its best, so when it’s finally in your hands you will see it in all its beauty.

I’m closer to making this dream so damn real and I couldn’t be more thankful for everyone that’s been with me through it.


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