From the Ground Up.



This book was so good to read. When I say that I don’t mean it was just enjoyable, I truly mean it was good for my soul.

From the Ground Up centers around a couple in love who have been married for years. Think you can’t read this and relate? Think again. There is so much truth in her writing that anyone can find themselves in this story.

It was so refreshing to read and fall in love with a couple that weren’t just struggling through the beginning. They already made it to love and had been in love, for them they just needed a reminder of what that was.



I feel like in a lot of books there is always something so crazy and dramatic that happens that tears the main characters apart, then they work together to get back to each other. It makes for a great read but that can be so unrealistic. This book was so real that you feel like these characters are in your life somewhere. You don’t need awful things to happen to want to show the people around you how much you love them, sometimes you just need to show them because you love them. That’s what happened here.

From the synopsis: “How do they fall back in love with each other when they never fell out of it in the first place? How do you re-build, From the Ground Up?”



Go, pick this book up. You can see love in every page and it is so beautiful. She did such an amazing job on her debut novel. In a world of books about characters who fall in love the first time, I loved reading about characters who got to fall in love again.

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