I’ve written exactly one manuscript. I’m not even going to say book until it’s published, so that means I have exactly zero knowledge on what writing a book is like but I know that this second time around feels a whole lot different.

The first time through I wrote 90,000+ words in 24 days. I couldn’t stop hearing and feeling the story.

This time I’ve been sitting on the story. I know what’s going to happen, it’s not writer’s block. I just don’t have the motivation to see it through. It’s in the same world as book 1 and starts during book 1 but from a different characters perspective and will continue on past telling their story. I feel like writing the first half and being tied to what happened in book 1 drained a lot of the motivation out of me to finish it.

So I have this dilemma. It’s the only manuscript I am working on right now, it’s the only voice in my head, but I’m not feeling it. But I also don’t want to lose or alter that voice. So while I have other projects I feel like I could go in strong on finish without roadblocks, I don’t want to walk away from what I have.

These other projects are calling to me. One has such strong emotion that I can feel it in me already and the other has a strong character in it where I find myself seeing things or hearing things throughout the day that I know this character would do or say or love. She’s always around.

Which makes me stuck. In any scenario I’m ignoring something, my work in progress, the emotion I can feel or the character I spend my day with. I’m off to write now, not sure how well it will go since I’m being pulled in all sorts of directions. But today, for now, this is what writing looks like for me.


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