Coming True.

I signed with a publisher. I did it. It feels real and not. I waited until it was official before writing about it. I heard a while ago that a contract would be sent to me, but until I had it and had it signed I didn’t want to say anything. It wasn’t real then, but it is now.

I’m excited. About everything. While going through the beginnings of this process, even rejections excited me because it meant I was doing it; I was going through the process. So I am preparing myself for the task ahead, getting my book from what it is now, to being released. I am so excited. I am ready.

I think the thing that makes it so crazy is that someone read my book and thought it was worth the time and energy and money to put into it to get it into the hands of readers. This wasn’t anyone who needed to care. It’s not a friend or family member just telling me I’m awesome because they love me. That really validated my writing for me. So now we start. And someday (soon) I can sit here and write about how my book is out in the world, where people who don’t know me and have no allegiance to me, can just buy it and read it, and hopefully fall in love with it.


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