The Waiting.

It’s discouraging. The waiting. I said I would share the journey and so I am sharing it. I’ve been working on book 2 for longer than I would have liked to. I should be done by now but I feel discouraged and it’s affecting how I’m writing. I also got a new job and have been extremely tired and busy so that has affected my writing time. I’ll work on getting used to that, though.

So I’ve been adding little bits and pieces to the second story when I can. But I’m just tired writing it. It feels tiring. Because I don’t even know if anyone will want to read it. I think I just want an answer. Acceptance or Rejection and then I can move on. But that unknown, that pause has had a ripple effect of pause everywhere else. So while I am trying to fight against it, I am failing for the most part. Because all I want to do is share the stories I write with people who would want to read them. I don’t want readers who wouldn’t read what I write normally. I’m not seeking for just anyone. I want my stories to fit into your life as it already is. So while I wait I may plan. Because I could get that rejection and then I will have to forge my own path.

Thanks for reading again. Sorry for my absence, I will be better šŸ˜‰


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